22-25 March 2010
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Date: 10-08-2009

Welcome to the website of Urban Dynamics Workshop, Urbanics. We invite you to send us your work and participate on March 2010.


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URBAN DYNAMICS has received increased interest from geographers, economist, mathematicians and computer scientists, all contributors to the theoretical body to understand this subject, while modelers attempt to forecast the dynamics of the system by producing more complex applicable models. From both ends, the theoretical and the application side, there is a number of open and interrelated questions that make this field an attractive matter. Therefore an additional agglomeration between research contributors can be both motivating and conducive to some beneficial interactions.


The workshop is designed to maximize discussion time in plenary sessions motivated by keynote speakers, combined with parallel sessions of more specific research topics. Socializing time will help to intensify collaboration opportunities and to build a network of URBANICS' scientists.

The workshop will be held on March 22-25, 2010, when the summer-autumn transition yields mild sunny and tranquil days, along with reduced costs. 

The attendance will be limited to a medium size workshop of 70 to 100 attendees, including keynote speakers, paper authors, students and other participants.


Key Speakers

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Fore more information contact Karla Jaramillo at k.jaramillo@sistemasdeingenieria.cl



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