22-25 March 2010
Last update: 11/07/2016

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We have accepted the following works for URBANICS Workshop:

A Dynamic Contribution to von Thünen's Sopatial Economy

Authors: Oscar Orellana, Jaime Glaría

A Framework for Modeling Housing Markets Dynamics: Towards Unified Micro-Level Models for Policy Analysis

Author: Liming Wang, Paul Waddell

A Model of the Articulations Between the Formal and the Informal Mechanisms of Housing Production

Author: Andrés Blanco

An Empirical Assessment of the Impact of Three Urban Transport Policies on Transit Usage

Authors: Louis de Grange, Rodrigo Troncoso, Felipe González

Concepción Metropolitan Area: Driving factors its urban sprawl in the last decade (2001-2009)

Authors: Carolina Rojas, Carolina de Carvalho, Wenseslao Plata

Evaluating the potential for intercity travel combining public transport and active modes: the “Suisse Roule” bike sharing system

Author: Sonia Lavadinho

How many? Using ESDA to evaluate polycentricity in the US cities

Author: Daniel Arribas-Bel

Impact on the Pedestrian Flow in Downtown Antofagasta as Consequence of the New Shopping Mall: an Agent Based Model

Author: Nicolás Garrido

Individual based demographic model of urban evolution

Author: Mark Birkin

Inferring the activities of smart phones users from context measurements using Bayesian inference and random utility models

Authors: Ricardo Hurtubia, Gunnar Flötteröd, Michel Bierlaire

Information systems and urban planning. Are the urban planning processes moving toward sustainable development in the Santiago Metropolitan Region?

Author: Alejandra Salas


Modeling residential location decisions in informal land and housing markets

Authors: Alexandra Hill, Christian Linder


Real urban growth and optimun urban growth between 1990 and 2000 in Madrid Region

Authors: Wenseslao Plata, Montserrat Gómez, Joaquín Bosque


The Impact of Labor Migration and Commuting on the Population Concentration in Chilean Cities

Authors: Patricio Aroca, Miguel Atienza


Transferability Issues in an Application of the Land Use-transport Model Mars in Brazil

Authors: Simone Becker, Antonio Rodriguez, Paul Pfaffenbichler