22-25 March 2010
Last update: 11/07/2016

Marbella Resort Hotel, Maitencillo

The Symposium will be held at the Marbella Resort Hotel which is a unique resort of its kind, just 90 minutes away from Santiago. Located in the middle of a park of 667 acres of nature, it has 10,000 mt2 of hotel rooms, suites and apartments. It also has access to a 27-holes golf course, recreational spaces and exceptional service.


Just minutes away from Marbella are the beaches of Maitencillo, Zapallar and Cachagua, which are known for their landscapes, gastronomy, beautiful architecture, white sandy beaches and artisanal fihing coves. The area has a

microclimate with temperatures that fluctuates between 15º and 25º Celsius on late summer. Sunrises and sunsets are cooler but by noon the area clears allowing the view of an idyllic landscape, perfect for a visit during the period when the symposium is scheduled.


People attending to the Workshop has access to special fares at the venue:

Single room: $ 67.000 Chilean pesos plus Taxes (*)

Single room: USD $ 132 U.S. Dollars approximately, is calculated on a daily basis at the current exchange rate (**) 

(*) Fares per room and per night in a King Size Standard Bed.  Includes breakfast buffet.
(**) In order to avoid paying the Tax (19% over the rate) you need to accomplished 3 conditions, being a foreigner living outside Chile, present a copy of your passport and immigration paper and pay your bill in Dollars, cash or credit card.

To book your room, please contact
Jeanette Donaire Rioseco and mention you are attending the SSAFR 2011:

Reservations by phone: (56 - 2) 438 53 50

Reservations by email: jeanette.donaire@marbella.cl


See more about the hotel and the area in our section of photos.

More Hotels

Some suggested hotels and cabins in Maitencillo:

If you are staying with larger group, the prices are more convenient.


Important: You have to considerate that Maitencillo is 15 minutes away (by car) from Marbella Resort, and to go here you'll have to rent a car (or take a taxi).

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