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Date: 15-07-2011

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Date: 17-06-2011

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Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts    



URBAN DYNAMICS has received increased interest from geographers, economist, mathematicians and computer scientists, all contributors to the theoretical body to understand this subject, while modelers attempt to forecast the dynamics of the system by producing more complex applicable models. From both ends, the theoretical and the application side, there is a number of open and interrelated questions that make this field an attractive matter.

In 2010 we held the URBANICS I Workshop, a highly motivating event that concluded founding the Urbanics Network, whose members decided to have workshops every two years as a way to pursue research collaboration and discussions. In this coming event we expect to hear the advances in research and on ongoing collaborations, and to foster new ideas and additional agglomeration between participants.

Topics and Structure

The workshop aims to bring out discussion between scientists on: i) City Dynamics Theory; ii) Application Models and iii) Networks. The workshop allocates time for papers presentations, poster sessions and workshop style discussions on open topics that will be held proposed to stimulate future research.

The workshop will be held on march 26-29, 2012, when the summer-autumn transition yields mild sunny and tranquil days.

The location this time is Termas de Chillán. This beautiful spa in the Andes was chosen carefully to combine the peaceful natural environment of the mountains, the quality of a spa and ski resort (sorry, skiijng is not available at this time of the year) and a Convention Center (


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